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Whoa what happened?

I totally forgot I had this page...

Well, since I'm here and this site is still good I guess I'll use it for what I'm doing right now... That's right! I'll use this site to talk about my Petit Computer shenanigans!

Don't worry random person reading this, I promise to keep it as unattended and forgotten as always... And the previous content will stay right where it was before, I'll just try to upload the QR codes for my Petit Computer proyects here.

What's this "Petit Computer" thing I keep talking about? Sorry, I guess I assumed you were part of my intended public... I think I should explain.

Petit Computer is a DSiWare app made by the Japanese developer SmileBoom [warning: Japanese text] and published in America by Gamebridge Ltd. [Yay, links! Ok, I'll stop]. It's available for purchase on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming consoles for about 8 bucks and it lets you program, run and share your very own little BASIC programs right in the palm of your hand. It's a powerful and fun little toy. And it uses QR codes to share programs! How cool (and slightly inconvenient) is that?

So, yeah, this site will focus on that for some time now. That also means I'll be mostly using the blog [sorry], so keep cheeking that for updates.

Thank you for reading, random person, you rock!



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